It is amazing how fast the media managed to bury this. The technique of overwhelming all media time with a tragedy before anything is known and then letting it disappear to the communal sigh of relief of the population suffering sick exhaustion works very well. As an added refinement there is a strong sense of quilt tied to becoming exhausted and sick of a tragic story knowing that nothing will be done. I, at least, tend to feel that is my failure for being sick of hearing it so I am ready to let it disappear. Overwhelm with massive stimulation driving guilt and frustration at our powerlessness until we welcome the blotting out of the story. And the largest, national mass murder in a century disappears in three weeks.

And then it is picked up by the fringe web and unknown news sites usually hosted in Russia or Eastern Europe. Elements of truth are teased into vast, airy constructs of conspiracy. Insinuations and endless vague tweets from known sources of ‘soon to be released’ sensational details finish filling the grave and patting the dirt down tight. Anyone with any sense turns away from the formulaic conspiracy news. “Nothing to see here, folks. Just move along.” But if you like conspiracies here are five more links for more of exactly the same. We have no way to know the camouflaged truth from the lies done in exactly the same style. So we give up.

Obviously having a sociopathic, useful fool in the White House blasting idiocy on Twitter adds a huge smoke screen of disgust. The level of carnage, both physical and emotional, is already beyond belief and, yet, we are emotionally numb and immune from shock. A national terrorist organization has facilitated hundreds of mass murders in the last thirty years and most are, now, not even up to lead evening news stories. And yet the NRA continues to amp up outrageous and bizarre conspiracies facilitating mass annihilation that is just diverse enough to avoid crimes against humanity charges for racial cleansing. Not that those fine, upstanding people would ever think such a thing. How have we come to this?

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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