It has became very tiresome seeing the resurgence of democracy in America that is, logically, a democratic socialist movement, and watching all of the wasted words about socialism being evil. I’ve spent my whole life hearing that.

The problem is authoritarian government driven by ideology, greed, or both. Capitalism is an ideology (effectively a religion as you say) built on the intelligent process of open markets. I’ve begun identifying Open Markets as an early form of AI. It can produce the right answers in the right environment. But very much as our AI/ML systems now it only works with great care and feeding. Give it the wrong stuff and it produces very bad answers for people.

‘Capitalism is a higher level formalization of greed based on a whole bunch of assumptions that are concurrent with the rise of the modern state in a materialist Cartesian world. If implemented it eventually destroys the state by moving all assets into the hands of an oligarchy. This is done by making capital a source of wealth without action. The income from playing financial games on people produces higher returns than risking money on something that may be useful to people and the planet.

The evolved form of government in the states with highest human happiness (the real product of any human system) balance open markets where they produce the correct price for limited resources in a given location. That is the realm of private enterprise in a regulated market with regulation working to prevent the inherent structural problem of conversion to uncontrolled greed and asset hoarding.

Yes, I know you are talking about nationalization of a specific areas of the economy. That is obviously essential now but for reasons more important than cost reduction although that can be a natural result of the correct from of management. We need to shutdown fossil fuels in the next ten to twenty years. Actually we need to do it tomorrow but I’m being incredibly optimistic thinking we could even agree to that planet wide in twenty years.

We don’t have any choice. That is not a process that will work by market forces. Carbon credits, etc. are nice ideas but the nature of the market and its’ capitalist masters is greed and monopolization. They are not going to shut this down without the threat of prison if they don’t.

The automobile industry can see a way to profit with electric cars but that will be, at best, 20–30% of what they produce because there is “demand” for gasoline powered stuff. If they don’t fill the demand someone else will start doing it.

This raises an interesting question. Nationalized production of retail equipment has a bad history. That works much better with intelligence of the open market providing limited rewards for the right cost-benefit products. But the larger rules need to be used the completely wall off market items from things that cannot be allowed to be used or priced based on scarcity or the death of our species.

I don’t remember seeing in your essay but with the right management and the creation of an efficient, intelligent self sustaining economy the return of income from the controlled markets areas can support a UBI system based on regional or, ultimately, planetary assets as capital for each sentient being on the planet.

None of this is possible without a very high level of very intelligent management maximizing the intelligence of subsystems. It’s probably obvious, and I have said this numerous times, that AI will make this possible and previous problems with central planning are the result of having people attempting to do things that they cannot do. Out next evolutionary step, now in process, makes that possible.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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