It amazes me that this scam continues to work (pun fully intended). There is now no reason for this but growing reasons to motivate people to non-work. And their is, as usual, a big part of the problem, language.

We have in English several centuries of language being modified to encourage work as a moral good that also supported upper class. The term leisure indicates only a reward for back breaking work. In English and related languages this is taken as the opposite of work. It is play.

As any normal human knows cramming all non-work activities into our very short ‘leisure time’ is also work. We also know that what we define as adult play is rarely productive in any significant way. The people who maintain serious ‘hobbies’ or avocations are the exception that proves the rule. They are not normal.

Yet the leisure classes ‘leisure’ is both reward for very hard work although that may have been some ancestors work. This is intentionally kept muddled. In the bizarre work of American predatory hyper-capitalism the extreme wealth, no matter, how useless is defined as work in creating work for other people. These people work hard in creating jobs.

Except only a tiny minority does this as noted in the article. In reality the only work that was done is politically manipulation of the system to extort wealth from public assets and the people through guarantees of income.

We need a new language for the activities of a population free from wage slavery for survival. We are creative, thinking, and collaborative animals. To be healthy we need rest and social time plus extensive time for family activities and support. As the only animal fully committed to language as a tool for discovery we seem to be unique.

As noted an another comment work is our nature. We organize, plan, build, educate, and study. The bizarre distortions of the wage slavery world are the opposite of free. In classical civilizations only a fraction of the population was enslaved or indentured. The majority of the modern population is enslaved.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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