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Is the US Worth Saving?

by Mike Meyer

So can someone please explain how we are going to do just what we have done for fifty plus years but the outcome is going to be different in November 2018?

And the people who were using that message were able to get elected so they could arrange to keep screwing over the people who used to get screwed over for the benefit of the people on the bottom who didn’t have enough. For awhile everything continued to improve and it didn’t much matter.

  1. The people in power still have the help of Russian technology and propaganda systems to spread lies and to manage the people they need to vote.
  2. People in more diverse, urban areas that understand how things need to be have been denied an equal vote forever. And they are often POC who are hated by the ones in charge. How will that change?
  3. The only opposition party was the original power party that laid all the groundwork for this control and doesn’t really want to change anything.
  4. The real winners for forty or or more years are the very wealthy who own the people’s representatives and tell them what to do. They are making all the money and don’t want to change.
  5. The Democratic Party would like to be in power but they don’t really want to change anything since they would then be able to make more again anyway.
  1. The representatives elected to Congress don’t represent the people in their districts but the billionaires who pay for their election campaigns. This has now been distorted by abuse to include corporations with vast resources to buy politicians. What politician would be stupid enough to vote against this?
  2. The supreme court has been loaded with corrupt judges who will always support the billionaires who control them. The ones that aren’t controlled are old or faced with no resources on their side.
  3. The presidency is powerful enough to threaten the entire system of government and may decide to delay or stop the election. Without changes to the problems above he may, though grossly incompetent, be able to win again. Then what?

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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