We are all struggling with many symptoms of technology driven and accelerating change. We are also struggling with many solutions to old problems that are clearly wrong. We know a lot about what doesn’t work. The whole trump thing in this country and the Brexit thing in the EU are symptoms of emotional reaction to the stress of not having any clear answers. Fascist and nativist movements are themselves symptoms that are used as tools to power by conservative, authoritarians segments of the population. But maybe Iceland’s Pirate Party, win or lose, is a potential path out of this dangerous dilemma.

I didn’t think this before but the symbol of the pirate as the free individual against the greedy, the powerful and organizations that represent them is the new common ground. What great irony to create a movement of full individual freedom in a country where the forces of bigotry and tyranny have usurped the words liberty and freedom.

I’m still thinking. We’ll see what happens. . .

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