Is America too dangerous?

Will China act on humanity’s behalf?

“Terracotta Army, China” by Aaron Greenwood on Unsplash

Funny that you should suggest this, Jack Preston King. It has been a growing concern of mine since the arrival of Trump and the ascendancy of ignorance as a virtue. America was founded on basic assumptions that could only survive in the isolation of a continent unknown to the Eurasian world.

This allowed a brash and incredibly wealthy nation state to emerge by the 20th century. Resources, industry, and people untouched by old battles allowed America to come to the world’s rescue in two world and numerous minor wars. The wealth, industrial technology, and life style of America became dominant allowing America to also enshrine racism, misogyny, and willful ignorance as equal to education, science, innovation, and spontaneity.

It was all part of the American Way, the City on the Hill, American Exceptionalism that had been protected by isolation and ignorance. These were the errors, sins in a way, that were never clearly identified and continued to poison American Culture.

Being the richest and most powerful gives you a pass on cleaning up your own act. Other nation states needed support and protection so were reluctant to insult the power except in academic circles that can be ignored.

But that is over now. Fifty years of decline in social and political structure caused by the need to protect the very same cultural errors eventually took a toll. America is no longer in the lead except in the minds of the most ignorant Americans. Wealth in resources and people is still there, higher education is still there but fading, science is still there but increasingly staffed and allied with the new planetary intelligentsia that is hated and increasingly rejected by mainstream America.

Now that we must be organize on a planetary level to both overcome our destructive effects on our planet and to shape our societies for equitable well being and sustainability, America become a problem. Under the leadership of a laughable dunce and the herds of angry haters of everything that has been attained, America is attacking what it once set out to build. That cannot be allowed.

Trump being laughed at by the UNGA was really a very important turning point. The self proclaimed emperor was naked and world leaders laughed. Once the old spell of American dominance is broken there is no reason to respect ignorance and demands that will destroy us.

What if China and most of the rest of the planet decides that a naked dunce driven by ignorance and a cohort of the greedy and narcissistic is too dangerous to allow. What would happen?

I was worried about this last year but now not so much. This is a case of many glass houses and no one wanting to throw the first stone.Things have remained surprisingly calm with an irrational and delusional person in the most powerful military position.

At this point it appears that that Trump will be left alone. While the damage to America is growing that is not a concern for others. We allowed this to happen and self destruction is still our right. I think the assumption is that this can be contained.

Despite the constant media focus on destructive acts, wild threats, dysfunctionality, Trump has done very little except cause human suffering, chip away at the international infrastructure, and make a fool of himself. He has destroyed a good bit more in America and set time bombs that will blow up the economy while luring racists and white supremacists out in the open but mostly, we know, he just brags and imagines his own greatness.

But China is the master of the game now. This might be easier if China was not so oriented to authoritarian rule because that makes surprises possible. The vast inertia of the US federal government is designed to allow politicians a very limited initial range of action but eventually too many professionals are driven out and the system begins to fail. China can react quicker and the mistakes can be bigger.

The Chinese system is based on a greater rules of responsibility for people who have authority and influence and a more direct goal of broad well being for the population. The failures of this now seem to be more directly responded to by the population in China. Particularly as they are a much more technically sophisticated online population than America.

What seems from the official American perspective as censorship and control, which it is, is countered by constant and widespread mass awareness of the latest way to beat the system. There is the rule, often repeated for foreigners in China, there are many ways to do (or say) something that you want to do (or say). You just have to figure out how to do it.

But China is under the same pressure as the US and Russia. They are vast areas and populations under a central rule. Steady and accelerating urbanization combined with constant and instantaneous communication is drastically changing human societies. Things are becoming more like flash mobs than the old, remote, methodical, and indirect administrations that just do not connect.

This is why I see a steady move toward urban governments as non-political administrative entities that can respond to the flash changes that constantly ripple through our virtual societies. China seems to be responding to this much faster than older style states. That may mean China could break apart, in a new way, faster than we expect but America will go first, I think.

So, as to the question of whether China or someone else will decide that America is too dangerous to the planet in its present form, I think things will change spontaneously before that happens. Things are much more fragile and disruption will be much more extreme than people think.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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