Interesting that you brought this up. Ants, bees, and other hive mind type creatures operate as components of a larger centrally managed creature. There has been a fair amount of consideration given to what would cause humans to function in that way. Here is one interesting article on this:

Usually hive mind evolution for our species is seen as a horrible dystopia. There are hybrid versions with individuals retraining choice of acting in unison or as individuals. Douglas Hofstadter discusses hive minds in Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid (1979).

Obviously we are being forced to rethink almost everything about how we live on this planet (or off the planet for that matter). That is the essence of the phase change we are experiencing with the denialists temporarily in control in the US. This is certainly self destructive but only for the present political organization of our part of North America. We are on the path of transcendent change but without any assurance we will survive the process. If we do we will need to be much more closely aligned with agreed moral and ethical standards at the planetary level but we know that is not workable using crude, historical authoritarian techniques. We need to reach that goal as intellectual creatures. How do we do that?

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