Interesting and informative. This is the nature of the evolving new media that allows full exposure to the people. We are seeing how this can be very powerful for the creation of new, and direct, democratic rule, Unfortunately it allows for the continuous a spread and revival of an incredible range of conspiracy theories. It’s interesting to see these things pop up repeatedly no matter how irrational. Is there a way to assist people in avoiding being sucked in by this stuff?

I long felt that this was a failure of education. The chemtrail thing seems the easiest to eliminate but it has been around for years. The simple existence of contrails has grown steadily over the last fifty years as air travel has literally exploded. High altitude air traffic patterns literal weave the sky in white trails. The factors creating these are variable enough that it can be used to suggest all sorts of nefarious schemes. And the fact that dispersal of chemical agents for ground effect is not something that you do at contrail height doesn’t help.

These issues are always caused by social insecurity and anger. I would like to say that education will fix this but we have so many things expanding by the week that are far beyond even rudimentary understanding of people with reasonable education and analytical abilities. That these are simple tools to be used by people with problems, i.e. racists, general bigots is, indirectly an educational issue but society needs to ensure that these people do not go unchallenged. Yes, facts don’t work against these symptoms of social problems but it is the one sure thing that can be done with full honesty.

This is not the place to go into detail on this but I do appreciate this type of article addressing the appearance of this stuff wherever it shows up.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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