Interesting. Since I’m an educator and have spent close to forty years on college and university campuses I’ve worked with the last of the boomers through GenX to GenY/Millennials. I can say that my favorites by far are Millennials but they are very different from any previous American generation. It’s always dangerous to define people as a stereotype. That’s racism, xenophobia and all the things that were allowed to fester in this culture producing creatures such as Trump although his personality disorders can appear at any time. But having said that we deal with educating each generation as young adults and later and there are always fairly common, broad characteristics in each ‘generation’.

GenX were the most difficult as they tended to expected to be given everything because they deserved it. That was a stage for many but they tended also to be the brand name fashion and status folks who really didn’t want to share. My kids are GenX and they are very good people but it was a hard battle. Millennials are the social media generation. The very first in human history. They’re very socially adept, friendly and will almost always work as a group but do not understand older people who are not completely open and accepting of their friendship. They also are very aware that their parents (GenX) and grandparents (Boomers) demanded everything and destroyed it for them. They know that have to hustle to have anything so their careful not to want too much. But they’re ok and try to make the best of it. They tend to be totally dismissive of bullshit such as religion and politics. They can also work very hard but expect you will take them at face value. They need to be cared for and are a bit delicate.

One note. . . The GenXers try to make their Millennial kids everything they thought they should have been and became helicopter parents to make damn sure it happened. That is the tension point between those generations. We have problems with GenX parents trying to go to job interviews with their Millennial kids. The Millennial kids will let them because things are socially difficult if they don’t. Besides, they think everyone is their friend and think just like them . . . Even if your seventy years old. That puts a lot of older people off.

I enjoy it. I also would rather hang out with my grandkids than kids. I think the Millennials will save us if anyone can but they will do it their way. Together. There are many Millennials here on Medium.

This was a totally unscientific survey as simple rules of thumb for college educators.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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