In situations as complex as the political and social collapse of the planet’s lead country there are many points to study and many areas of failed trust. In terms of this series on trust, it is relevant to look at the useful fool at the center. He represents the ultimate failure of trust because of the nature of the US presidency in its final stage.

I think it can be said that the growth of centralization of power and the demand for personality to embody a vision of reality is far too great to survive. In this sense the nature of the presidency is, itself, a failure in trust. That a person could be what is needed and can warrant the trust of the planet has been long an impossibility. Because of this the US presidency has been for most of the last fifty years a guaranteed failure of trust. The last working trust was John F. Kennedy and that was ended in the first full wave of conspiracies, lies, and loss.

The only three presidents that managed to generate some illusion of trust were Reagan, who was in almost all respects the foundational cause of this national collapse based on the cold, brutal realpolitik he represented. The second was Clinton who was brilliant and capable but had come up in a political system that did not value trust other than as a way to achieve short term goals. The last was Obama who single handed held the international status of this nation together but without the drive to make it reverse course and save itself.

Trump in this case is the epitome of a person who has never seen, heard, or experienced trust. He is a seriously damaged personality that has lived in a well funded illusion of fame. That made him available as a useful fool for the billionaire criminals of the great Russian democratic collapse. That he had no choice but to launder their money is no cause for sympathy. He literally stumbled into the greatest con game, although no one would admit it, on the planet. And won. And everyone else lost.

This is a story not of a failure of trust but of a nation and age so totally devoid of the concept of trust that its complete absence was barely noticed until too late.

The greatest tragedy, not for the first time in history, are the people who did not understand what was missing in their lives and accepted a shill. The nature of the human animal does not allow the admission of being a suckered fool, in some cases, until death. The reaction is the deposition of absolute trust in he who suckered them. This is the ultimate trust and the ultimate denial of trust.

We have both in the age of Trump. This will be the tragic epitaph of America.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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