In past decades and centuries the feudal lord, mafioso, strongman, warlord, war chief, convinced some strong and not too smart young men to follow him for personal rewards. Each of these young men were following evolutionary, biological, impulses to become frightful enough to topple the strongman one day and take all his women.

That is pattern that goes all the way back to earliest mammalian history. In the last two hundred years and rapidly in the last sixty or seventy years we have left that behind. We are evolving socially and individually. It has had a tremendous difference bringing the security, safety, well being, and the opportunity for education and the distribution of resources the masses. If you doubt this read The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined by Steven Pinker. He has done the research and presents the evidence that is right before our eyes.

We live in a world that is in full paradigmatic change and a major factor in that is the accelerating dominance of cooperation, collaboration, and compassion. While I usually address the information technologies that are driving new change in this, the rise of ethical and compassionate societies is the other half.

The collapse of capitalism shows the need to move on from old systems that have played their role in human evolution but are no longer of value. Pieces of these systems are still viable and have a future but these need to be identified and repurposed while the worn out components need to be removed. This is not a simple process and the difficulty of this is glaringly obvious in the incompetence and immediate failures of low level opportunists trying to play the old feudal or fascist game.

There is some real reassurance and optimism in the failure of the old style regressive attempts to pull societies back to the old darkness for small minorities in societies where this has happened at all.

This is still terribly dangerous and doubly because of the challenge of human created climate change that will destroy our ability to evolve socially very soon. We have a time bomb that we have built ourselves and we must now change permanently before we will be able to diffuse that threat.

The battles must be fought and the old evils defeated quickly in those countries at the late stage of capitalist collapse. America is the front line in destroying the old, diseased systems that will destroy us all if they can.

This has become a battle to reeducate the parts of the population that have failed to understand the new rules of human society. This has occurred for many different reason for those parts to the population that have become enthralled by the old siren call of power and violence. Sadly the process by which those very crude systems erupt into violence are well understood and the symptoms are well cataloged. We are seeing it in America.

This must be stopped and those taking advantage of this for their own greed, e.g. media as part of predatory capitalism must be shutdown. This is not longer a minor inconvenience or minor error in the body politic. It is a disease that we understand and the implication of this disease are suffering and death for thousands and then millions.

We are well on our way to escaping that way of living with dying. Now we have to act and eliminate the problem. The time has come.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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