In a time of very heavy handed irony, it seems that the continuing collapse of both the US and GB is the result of the weight of a billion dick pics and hundreds of millions of cat videos diligently collected, classified, and fully indexed.

The thought of the internal, Top Secret, replication of the critical, wildly irrational, Donald Trump tweets fully encrypted in digital directories with massive redundancy, boggles the mind. This, when combined with the sum of all dick pics and cat videos, must far surpass the carbon footprint of all the crypto mining in South Dakota. A truly staggering expenditure of energy and resources.

As to why this is done? It must be done. Our existence depends on it. Imagine the devastation if all those dick pics and cat video were to be accessed by people without appropriate clearances? What if just anyone could look at this stuff?

I was in US military intelligence in my youth and learned the incredible responsibility of securing intelligence information. The fact that the Secret Daily Intelligence Brief consisted, almost exclusively, of clippings (it was a long time ago) from daily newspapers did not escape my notice.

Once, in an ill thought moment, I mentioned this fact to the Deputy Chief of Intelligence and it was explained to me. All of this vast array of public information was secret because we had selected it. If we had ignored it then it would not be SECRET.

Even then I was smart enough to bite my tongue and not suggest that we should ignore more newspaper stories to save all the trouble. Besides it was convenient to have a daily summary of the news in major categories. Kind of like Google, now.

Later, I began to grasp the profound significance of this. It was its own purpose. There could be no limit. Who would risk NOT gathering and classifying any piece of information? It must all be gathered and hidden.

Forty years later, here we are. Both the US and Great Britain are teetering on the brink collapse. The information gathering and hiding must accelerate. There is so little time left . . .

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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