I’m very happy to see this here. The story of the 442 and 100th battalion was so little known for so many years. Over the last forty years I have known a number of veterans of both the 442 and the 100th battalion and held fund raisers at the old Club 100 on the edge of Kaimuki. They are mostly gone now with only a few remaining in retirement homes. I just saw one of our friends still selling vegetables at a farmer market this past weekend. He is at least 92 years old. I know he was on of the translators who served in Japan during the occupation and would tell me stories about that.

Having grown up in the midwest with WWII veterans in the family I was amazed to move to Hawaii and discover the story of the most decorated battalion that served at Anzio and through France to the end. They were all very much, “Heh, no big deal”. But when you knew what they had done for a country that interned many of their families on the mainland and refused to do more than barely recognized their service it taught me much that I did not want to know about America. I very, very glad to have knows as many of htem as I have.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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