I’m surprised at this and appreciate your openness as this seems to me to be very personal knowledge rising from anguish. Knowledge does always come from anguish of some kind but the most personal is based on love sought or love lost. And with seeking we have the quest for that which completes us.

The essential and most profound failure in the Judaic base for the dominant classical Western religions is the death of the Earth Mother. This should not have happened. It’s a wound that has deformed subsequent cultures until religion died in the West. Of course the need still lives in many people and with it the unquestioned question of what role does woman have in life? Only that of mother but with an effectively motherless god that is a stunted role.

It’s obvious and has been for hundreds of years that the complete dominance of a sky god means war as the most valued activity. But that is another line of development.

In both Christianity and Islam the absence of the Earth Mother forced women into a role of minor stand in for the missing goddess. Hence women are completely at the mercy of men who must hold women as both sacred and protected. The only public thing that women can do is sacrifice themselves for their sons. In their other role they may tempt man to recall the Earth Mother and that is completely denied.

This is the role and the tragedy of mythology. It pushes cultures in ways that people lose sight of and leaves absences that individuals must struggle to define and then fill with no clues on how it should end.

Just as being a product of a broken marriage means you have no working model of a working marriage. The West has had to live without a working Earth Mother image for three millennia.

No wonder we have had to eliminate the mythological baggage in the quest for love and our missing half.

And there is another aspect of the new paradigm. The reestablishment of the feminine as equal. Irony is the product of discovery and confusion. The feminist has had to kill the sky god and then kill the distant Earth Mother to restore the feminine aspect as equal and critically important.

Obviously many aren’t and haven’t been fully aware of this. Then we need to learn that CISgender is not the most important signifier of what role we need and choose to play.

I think we may need to expand the discussion on this.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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