I’m sure this was intended to shock all of us who have grown to hate the Judeo-Christian-Islamic religions with the reasonableness of your message. I appreciate that. Spiritual health is essential to homo sapiens and that includes a variety of rituals that we frequently use to shape our time and make things comfortable. I’ve been meaning to write about that and will at some point. It is nice that you can share our concerns and join in as we hope for the early disappearance of what is called religion as it’s malignancy has become unsupportable. But you can’t quite get away so easily.

As at least one other response pointed out, the nature of Christianity is based on historical distortions and justification for authoritarian rule. I think you will have to clean house a little more thoroughly before being accepted back into any relevance even on a completely personal basis. The problem of original goals of a system of spiritual thought are, I think, best illustrated by the difference between a cleaned up religion as you describe and Buddhist tradition that works very well in a fully secular world. My point is not a value judgement of the two systems content but a look at their adaptability and goals. In my view one is based completely on a very weak historical record and the other is based on an open quest for personal knowledge.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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