I’m not disagreeing with you within the current work context. UBI is unreachable in our existing politico-economic system. The only reward is money. Money is required to live. Everyone must work to get money and to live. It is no longer worth the time to discuss that system because it is disappearing. Work will be predominantly replaced by AI within ten years. Not all but most work that provides jobs to the population. Truck drivers are starting to be replaced this year. Both cab drivers and Uber drivers are being replaced now. Professional positions will be thinned out right after that. The remaining jobs will be either highly creative or require intense people skills. Paid work is not going to be available for 40–60% of the population. It matter if they are takers, givers, or fakers or something else. They are going to need another way to live and out planetary productive capacity can provide that. How do we change to make that not just subsistence but rewarding? As I’ve said most people for most of our history worked part of their day to eat and the rest on things they wanted to do.

Last point. The whole psychology of the workplace is quite good though overly simplified as those metaphorical systems always are. I’m not saying it is wrong. In fact I will pass that along. But the work place is going away for many people and, while still relevant, it will need to change to fit the new post capitalist model.

Thank you for a good discussion. . .

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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