I’m looking for good things to say, honest I am. This suggestion, with the other responses from women in and out of the tech world, marks the turning point for this beleaguered country. It certainly looks to me that the Google dude bro has completely screwed the pooch. The whole sexist bullshit scene in tech and IT was finally collapsing in on its self and one dude bro picked that time to boldly announce that he, and all others like him, are, in fact, ignorant, sniveling assholes with no knowledge of the history of IT. Good one, bro. Yes, you are now hot with the rich, sniveling assholes but this is what is called a Pyrrhic victory. In simple terms that means you shot your entire wad on one minor battle and lost the war. It’s about damn time.

And I think we can toss in the 500 white assholes from Charlotte while we’re at it. The image of a bunch of white boys humping small dogs in the street was not the studly image they sought. In fact they can get in line behind the sniveling Google dude bro to do some serious ass sucking. My sense is the same fit of Pyrrhic pooch screwing. The only problem is that talia jane is going to need share the wealth.

There’s always the chance I could be wrong but I think not. Very nearly everyone has had enough of these noisy scrum suckers parading their ignorant bullshit just because a major system failure allowed a deranged, mentally disturbed idiot to sneak into the White House. Even the apathetic are fed up. The ‘woke’ meme is real now.

Let’s see what happens.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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