I'm impressed. But that is not surprising as I’ve been an advocate of project-based learning for years. Like many things in the professional education world, this became a buzzword and a safely compartmentalized pilot isolated from ‘real’ education.

Your platform is an excellent implementation template. Since my interest now is salvaging community colleges by keeping them permanently online, I see this as a perfect online course development model.

There are huge problems with the COVID-driven paradigmatic change, but the most intractable is instructors unable, unwilling, or both to create new pedagogical tools. By necessity, I must always repeat that I am not saying that education happens totally online. However, the majority of the educational process is the acquisition of information, coached interaction with that information, and use of that information. Obviously, we are now forced to use our technology to move to personalized education.

This forced integration of the internet is the biggest shift since the Korean/German printing press. Unfortunately, I see signs of this incredible opportunity about to be tossed aside in favor of the old sage on stage in the locked classroom reciting knowledge readily available without effort. The return of the lecture, discuss, access model that I used for thirty years.

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