I’m glad you are seeing an improvement. The stock market is an anachronism that reflects a portion of the economy but is, in fact, part of the problem. The growth is a product of neoliberal economics. The winners are, again, the oligarchs and the 1%. The inherent failures of hyper capitalism are not being addressed, in fact the opposite. Normally this type of economic agitation is generated by the usual fantasies of tax cuts and removal of limitations on growth. This has followed the start of every Republican presidency in the last forty years. This is followed by collapse caused by funneling of money to the 1% that kills real economic growth. People’s memories are very short so they tend to use borrowed money believing the lies about booming growth. That comes home to roost because that money never really shows up and the bottom falls out.

Unfortunately we are now in political collapse with a mentally unstable fascist in charge. That would not matter too much except Trump’s handlers have only limited control and he is periodically delusional. The growing instability and reluctance of other countries to get involved with a dangerous idiot are projected to trigger economic failure much faster than usual. Sadly the real problems are planet wide and are tied to the oligarchs who are, incidentally, international and have abandoned the old nation states. So changes are coming hard and fast and most of what people see are smoke and mirrors.

So if you are doing well I’d say that is a good time to start looking for where to go. Many people are leaving this country before things get too bad. The crashes tend to come unexpectedly. I’d also think about moving money you have to cryptocurrencies, if you have not already, as the old currencies will be replaced. I can’t say how this will go but it is certainly not going to end well.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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