I’m always interested in understanding people’s justifications for things that don’t seem to be of general benefit. I am sure you can understand that saying that socialism and/or Marxism is not something that is wanted in this country does not really explain anything. If you are saying that a totalitarian or even authoritarian government is not something that you desire I will certainly agree. The problem is that 1) Marx was working in economics in the early industrial era concerned primarily with England as a model and, 2) Lenin, and others, tried to apply those principles in revolutionary Russia resulting in a totalitarian state that failed in the late 20th century. I’m assuming you are talking about the second of these as you haven’t identified any of Marx’s principles or proposed laws that you dislike. Socialism, on the other hand is an evolving political philosophy based on determining the best balance between public ownership of resources, production and services and private, market driven ownership. All modern nation states exist on a sliding range between those two points with greater or lesser public ownership and greater or lessor private ownership controlled by market forces. There are clearly problems with the extremes at either end of that scale. So what exactly is it that you don’t want?

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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