I’m Afraid the Time has Come

There are no limits now but only desperate hope that it won’t explode

by Mike Meyer

We have just experienced a very large lurch into fascist ugliness. Given where we were last week, which was bad enough, this is amazing. How long can this go on?

I know that is an old and tiresome question because the collapse of the United States, along with the older and weaker states within the western government model, has been breathtaking. As I wrote last week in The Death Spiral Tightens acceleration is to be expected.

There is nothing that seems able to halt this precipitous descent. The hand has written our fate upon the wall. Old Testament oracles now seem very appropriate particularly as the cult of Trumpian death includes mythological doomsters at its core locked in an embrace with white supremacists and low order fascists.

The leadership of this disaster has thrown aside all pretense of legitimacy. Ethics went down the shitter with the Republican Party many years ago. Trump, in a cloud of ignorance and delusion, has gone completely racist followed closely by McConnell who has no choice but to call the garbage scow he launched, with Russian help, a yacht despite teh stench. Years of pretense at any remaining humanity or any respect for the principles on which this country was founded is now being loudly denounced as, wait for it, unAmerican.

Our mainstream media has gone along just as we have come to expect. All of this is normal with insane, racist tweeting by a pretend president simply dealt with as if it was news of legitimate policies in another age. Even some of our most impervious pundits have begun to realize that there is no going back and if they don’t declare the most blatant lies and hate mongering they may have a very lonely and destitute old age. That somehow removes all the power from their emotionless identification of lies by turning them into self serving ass coverings.

They did nothing when calling those statements lies might have helped. Now it is too late. It is as if, finally, the national silence is being broken by the sharp indrawn hiss of fear. How did it suddenly get this bad? Wasn’t this just supposed to be a worse than normal case of stupidity and corruption with a pompous blowhard as the clown? It would eventually end and things would be cleaned up. That now appears sickeningly naive.

The vast national vacuum barely registers another white racist act of terror inspired by the people in charge of the nation. Only five dead with a small boy plus the killer. The other people aren’t enough to mention. A second day of killing in Mississippi is barely mentioned. Even the rest of the planet can’t keep up the pretense of outrage. The dominant culture and economy is coming apart as the leaders howl with glee at the promise of destruction and the lust for death and suffering while the bureaucrats close their office doors and pretend nothing is happening.

Meanwhile the official news is on the continued economic success in line with endless growth and a buoyant stock market. This will cram billions of dollars into the vaults of the oligarchs and buy more corporate toys. There are rounds of applause from these people with the reminder that unemployment is again low.

People can’t pay their bills without payday loans and any protection for outrageous medical costs is being destroyed but no one is starving. Be thankful, as long as you are white and native born. But that is just a joke. No harm done.

Of course the economy now needs an interest rate cut to prevent disaster but that could just make things worse. Consumers aren’t buying the way they should as they have tapped out their credit lines again and credit card interest averages 17%. Interest rates are low for the super rich but the predators need to feed on everyone else. That’s just normal in the land of great wealth and human poverty. They won’t be needed soon anyway.

No need to worry about the deadly heat waves, ice caps melting, storms, and droughts. We should just ignore that as it would mess up visions of endless growth. It’s all fake news per the mentally deranged idiot in charge. You only know about that because it's in your face when you go outside. Just watch Fox News and you will be assured it is all meaningless. Trump will tell you.

No, we are already well past the point of correcting this with an election. I’m now afraid that the worst is coming very fast. Sane, rational people in a world that could see well being and security for everyone have struggled to maintain the calmness of the complacent. It will pass over, they say, and the things will get back to normal. There are those still reciting this as a litany as the insanity eats our nation and our planet but the chanters are fewer and increasingly hesitant. What can we do?

As the grip we hold on our emotions tightens the pressure builds. This must end and we must not be forced to act in ways that we will regret. But the vicious core that has brought this on has made it clear that there are no limits. Insanity is now defined by the insane. Societies and cultures do not survive that without paying a potentially lethal price. Not acting becomes as horrible as the worst actions we can imagine.

That is the point at which balance tips and survival of any rational hope is threatened and must be protected. If not actively protected, accepted that action must be taken and nothing in the political system is equal to this need.

We are on our way to a violent denouement of a tragic sequence of failures dating back decades and centuries. At any point violence could begin in an effort to save ous as panic sets in. But, of course, that never succeeds in saving the state, it just marks the point that inaction is seen as deadlier than action. Then people begin to take and accept whatever action is needed.

Don’t be surprised.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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