I’m afraid that you are correct and we are already in rogue state territory. Trump is following the Putin model to control and plunder the centralized state. Absolute power is the only thing needed, and personal gain is the only goal. That is the most straightforward description of what we are experiencing.

For a time, it looked as if China would bypass this and move to planetary dominance, but Xi Jinping has short-circuited that by falling into the ultimate power trap of lifetime rule. It would appear that Modi in India has also fallen into the trap of fascist government and oppression.

I’ve struggled to remain as logically positive as possible, but the depth of criminality is close to a critical mass. Perhaps it is the weight of the climate disaster and this criminal resurgence that has paralyzed the majority by making it very difficult to see a positive outcome at any point within the next century or more.

The late capitalist economy that has penetrated much of the planet is consuming itself now. Still, the illusion of wealth based on completely unsustainable growth runs on a century of lies. In fear and desperation, 40% of the population thinks about nothing but endless gain, no matter how many times it proved to be a lie. Somehow this time it will be real.

Maybe they are correct. There is now no future, so why think about it.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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