If everything you list is done, there will be some hope for the future. Sadly it is a long shot. The people who fell for Trump will continue to be a problem but should be ignored. They are so far gone into Putin-style conspiracy land that I keep expecting them to start speaking Russian, although they would deny that, too. Nyet!

We do not have time to waste on coddling people with no grasp of reality, which will invent another conspiracy as the supply is endless. The only thing that will work is to force economic change to break the billionaires' death grip and their political stooges. We need new economic guidelines based on communal well-being, happiness, and protection from police state brutality directly tied to carbon reduction, sustainability, and personal security.

The absurdity of the “market’ going crazy while the population continues to die and the survivors slide into poverty is self-explanatory. But Biden is owned by the same cartels that have owned the nation for forty years, although clearly, he is a lesser evil. Other than Kamala, Biden is pulling in the usual suspects without much pushback. The fact that they are experienced and competent is such a relief that people are pretending that repeating all the same failed policies will produce different results.

How fast will this blow up? That is the question.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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