I won't comment on the Red points as they are mostly irrelevant. One point to make is that balanced budgets and debt reduction block the transition of the common ownership of resources and establishing the common good as the highest priority.

There is a solid range of economic models that focus on correcting this. The result will be that these will shape the planetary commons over the next ten years, if not sooner. Five of these are introduced here: https://icaruscomplexmagazine.com/five-alternative-economic-models/

Mega nation-states need to be broken up and reformed as local/regional city-states. Local metropolitan governments are viewed positively by 70%+ of their populations. In the US, the Federal government and Congress are viewed positively by less than 20%. There is no justification for wasting time and resources on repairing something with so little value.

As I’ve said other times, the technology to provide direct democracy at the primary (local) government level is here and will be tied to the UN model biometric digital ID now implemented in European states, India, and, soon, in Africa. This eliminates the politicization of voting rights for all residents and wild claims of “illegal votes” when they lose or “landslides” when they win that have become authoritarian regimes' favorite toys.

The key is universal individual sovereignty and planetary open-source software designed for personal information security. This a wave that is a direct result of the disasters of the current pandemic and the need to refocus on health and wellbeing.

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