I wish you hadn’t done this. You’ve forced me to say, ‘where have you been all my life’ for all the wrong reasons. Or at least all the cliched reasons. Now you’ve called me out and there’s not a damn thing I can do about it but make uncomfortable noises. What I want to say is you are right and why can’t we get this shit done?Where do we start? Where do we go?

The real problem from my perspective is that you can spend your whole life steadily accepting one bad shit sandwich after another thinking the next will be the last or at least some better shit. Nope. It only gets worse. Kennedy was going to do something but then he got blown away and we went to Vietnam and learned we weren’t the good guys after all. LBJ actually got stuff done that made a difference but couldn’t stand the heat. And now even that finally has been worn away by racists and haters. At least we know what to call them now. Nixon was a crazy paranoid but was really just pitiful. Carter needed forty more years because he was a Christian and got chased by rabbits. Everyone gives you credit when they’re surprised that you aren’t dead. Reagan was truly evil but did he even know? Then he forgot. The first Clinton befuddled us by being competent but sold us to the capitalists. Even Eisenhower knew better than to do that and he was a Republican. We can skip the Bushes, what else is there to do? Memory only makes it worse. Obama was cooler than everyone else, labored mightily to drive one stake in the ground against such odds that we can almost forgive him for honoring Clinton’s capitalist bill of sale. And the only thing we know now is that Hilary will honor that bill of sale, too, as if her life depended on it which I’m sure it does.

In the midst of this fifty plus year shit slide we have connected the world into totally new social organisms that has birthed a rainbow generation able to look us all in the eye and say, enough. And know it with uncanny clarity at a much younger age than those of us who have gone before, the aging pooch screwers. Can you actually do something about it?

Who knows. I learned that faith is deadly unless it is founded in science and observation is essential but it must lead to action and screw it doesn’t do it. So, ok, let’s talk . . .

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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