I will take you at your word that you do not know about the systematic racism, income inequality, and the wealth distribution disaster all of which are extreme symptoms of the failure of the economy and of the governments of post-industrial countries. Here is a good place to start: Wealth Inequality Charts by the Urban Institute. This shows the financial results of institutionalized racism and the impoverishment of 95%+ of this country.

The wealth and income disparity continues to grow: The top 1% owns between 33% and 42% of all wealth in the country. The top 1% earns between 18% and 22% of all income. The range is based on different ways of calculating these numbers. This shows a very distorted economy that cannot grow beyond a very limited amount. Hence we see only about 2% growth per year that causes a steady collapse into poverty for a great majority of the population as the income goes disproportionately to the top 2%.

Gender pay gap: On a percentage basis, a woman earns only 79 percent of what a man earns. This is known as the “gender earnings ratio.” The 21-percent difference between men’s and women’s earnings means that women are paid less than $4 for every $5 paid to men.

I am unaware of any effort on the part of Trump and his cohort to do anything about this except make it worse. The Trump regime has already removed protections from retirees to avoid exploitation by financial institutions. They are removing Dodd-Frank that protects against another 2008 style finance industry exploitation of pension and retirement funds for the benefit of the 1%. How does that assist people being driven steadily into poverty by those same financial institutions?

Oh, he is going to bring back jobs, I think I hear you say. No he has not and will not because the jobs no longer exist. This is the hard thing for people to understand but the large free trade agreements have improved the overall standard of living. The reason that has not helped everyone is the failure of extreme capitalism that distorts the distribution of income and wealth. The reason you cannot fix this by “bringing back jobs” is that those type of jobs are now automated and at least 40% of all jobs will be automated within 5–10 years. Start a trade war? Use tariffs? And who will suffer then? Not the 1% but the majority of people who are now able to by phones, clothes and appliances much cheaper than in the past due to efficient trade.

Trump himself is a pathological liar with serious mental problems that cause him to be delusional particularly later in the day. There is a great deal of circumstantial evidence that he is heavily influenced if not controlled by Russia. This is why close to 50% of the population consider him incompetent and illegitimate. 40% of the population want him impeached now before he can do more damage. He has nothing to offer except disaster and further collapse.

That is why an amazing thing has happened and, after years of complacency, this country has come together in the last two months to resist the disaster that Trump and his controllers are working to achieve. Their goal is power for themselves and wealth for the very few. This planet is well beyond that type of thinking or we will not be able to survive the 21st century.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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