I try to respond to anyone at least once simply as a principle. The one thing that I do not use is faith. The word is simply means a strong kind of hope. I may hope that something will happen but that is only a preference. Preferences without careful thought about the implications of that ‘hope’ combined with research into the origins of that hope and at the likelihood of others sharing it is a waste of time. We have enough of that now.

All that I can say is that you really should read some or all of the indictments against the criminals and operators who Trump surrounds himself with. Those are facts that have been researched and understood and can be proven in full debate. We now have two of his closest advisors on their way to prison for federal crimes. That will be followed, I think based on the available evidence, by most of the others including his family.

For this nation to survive Trump must be removed and almost all of his actions reviewed and revoked. Almost all of those actions have been taken for Trump’s personal gain or to reward his henchmen. None, that I know of besides normal federal declarations of disaster areas and normal operations have benefited you or the others who still claim to be supporters.

What are the goals of this administration? No, not slogans, but actual goals articulated in policy proposals? Again, I have seen no policies or functional proposals based on anything but personal gain for Trump, his family, or those that frighten him. And we know that Putin frightens him. Why?

We actually know that, too but it has not been presented with full legal evidence in a court. The outline of this has been well knows for ten or more years. Trump multiple bankruptcies threatened his ‘billionaire’ life style and no banks would loan him money. The only source of funds was Russian oligarchs who desperately needed to launder money plundered from the Russian government. Trump went for it. All of this is known and will be brought to bear to destroy him but not, I’m afraid, in time to save this nation. The corruption is too deep and the world has changed. But at least we can maintain a token sense of justice and basic morality by doing the right thing.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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