I try, on principle, to acknowledge serious responses to my articles. The rule requires some standards to avoid wasting time. Based on four or more years of writing on Medium, often on political and international topics, I expect to have arguments against the analysis and positions that I take.

In the past I have had serious responses by people with a traditional conservative philosophy that disagreed with my conclusions and I have enjoyed the resulting discussion. I’ve also had more rational discussion from Europeans, specifically from Great Britain, who support Brexit, which I am not willing to support because of the larger planetary issues. That hasn’t happened in the US polarization in the last four years.

Based on my experience here, with the limitations of the specific demographics of Medium, I’ve come to some observations on what is happening. The traditional conservative responders seem to have blended into a new group that supports specific conservative principles that I have been advocating, e.g. local versus national governments, or traditional liberal economics as part of the emerging post socialist/anti materialist positions driven by the climate crisis and nation state failures. This is a logical evolution of political and economic thought.

The collapse of the US Republican Party into a neofascist criminal organization with Trump as a figurehead has destroyed the old British/American liberal conservatives. As a result the strongly negative response to what I write fall into two categories: 1) One sentence shouts, usually vaguely threatening with no reasoned content, 2) Slightly longer responses that clearly are rote repetitions of oligarchy (Republican) propaganda.

What you have written falls far enough into the second category that I am responding although I don’t expect anything from this. The characteristics of this misinformation or propaganda technique is very clear so it is hard to not to point these out.

Without going into the far larger issues behind what is happening in the Anglo-American and post industrialist world, this is an example of information warfare dating back to the late 19th century and refined under the Nazi German and then Russian KGB (now GRU) much more sophisticated developments.

The statement that we have the lowest unemployment rate in fifty years is correct, this completely ignores the failure of that employment to provide adequate wages for the majority of people. In a simpler capitalist world, crude employment versus unemployed was a major indicator of economic viability. That is no longer true. For the last forty years the evolution to predatory capitalism in the US and, to a lesser extent in other states, has suppressed wages and steadily removed both guarantees of employment and services, e.g. retirement and public services.

This is also a negative factor in the way the neoliberal trade system was designed. That system forced open borders for trade but prevented, except in the EU, the movement of people (workers) for their benefit. This allowed the oligarchs controlling vast international corporations to force down production costs with captive low wage populations, ignoring reduction in living standards in post industrial countries while allowing the growth of new middle classes in rapidly industrializing states, e.g. China and India.

In addition the nature of employment is now rapidly changing to low level service jobs as, what were skilled and middle rank white collar positions have automated. This is accelerating. Hence there is a major redesign of economic standards to replace ‘employment versus unemployment’ with wellbeing or quality of life measures.

You are bragging about employment numbers that are antiquated and no longer relevant. That do not represent what they once did.

The attempt to claim some kind of racial improvement in employment is a distortion of the larger distortion. As noted above the number of employed is an inadequate measure but claiming improvement and ignoring the percentage of those without even service level jobs by racial minority in the US is bullshit.

The revenue to NATO funding is another misdirection. NATO is an arm of the US military empire and is obviously past its time of value. The fact that Trump is strongly allied with Putin and his Russian oligarchs is an embarrassment but is secondary in the larger issue of what is relevant and not. The goal is to weaken NATO and that is Putin’s version of the classic KGB goal.

Interestingly, the effort to salvage something from the Trump wreckage has led to claiming that the NAFTA replacement is anything but a slight adjustment, made by professional trade officials not political appointees, is easily seen by looking at what changed. Some improvement in manufactured parts percentage in imported cars, etc. Some slight change to export limits on dairy products in Canada, etc.

No industrial jobs have been created and, in fact, these continue to decline for reasons totally unrelated to political boasting. The trade situation for the US is in major decline just as it is for the planet overall as we face the requirement to eliminate the entire economic structure to reduce carbon and unsustainable resource destruction.

You forgot to mention the stock market record highs. At this point this has very little to do with the great majority of the population. That ‘market’ is now the preserve of financial manipulation by financial institutions for endless, nonproductive, trades and the shuffling of billions of dollars between the same, few pockets. It will become increasingly irrelevant as forced economic changes are implemented.

On that topic I can’t fail to note that the peak of late stage capitalism (neoliberalism created, in the US, by the Clinton, Bush, and Obama leadership, although putting the name Bush in proximity to leadership is incorrect) is an incredibly strong, growing, planetary trade network based on open borders and free trade zones. It works and Trump has been ordered to destroy it. Too bad that this must now be completely replaced by an economic system based on local focus and sustainability.

There is a lot more to reality but you are not dealing with reality but misinformation created for political manipulation. The key technique is taking pieces of truth distorted and supported by lies to produce an image of success that must be supported by repression of information because it is so easily shown to be wrong by objective facts.

The actually information is available but you must look for it. You must also know who to NOT listen to as they are known liars who have no interest in your best interests.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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