I think you are on the right track. Our world is far too complex to be handled by an individual, even a very gifted one. In the corporate enterprise world the model has been for years to operate with an executive committee. While a lead person usually emerges but at least you have some diversity and redundancy in management.

The favored person, particularly in American culture, is the knight errant who becomes king, reluctantly, and saves everyone usually by killing all the bad guys. Sadly the knight errant often turns out to be a bad buy or else only a good guy with quick reflexes but, otherwise, dumb as owl shit.

I’m working on the model that might work but the only addition is required AI. Initially that would be only as an advisory function but will come to be the actual pattern recognition and project decision source based on massive data.

We need, as I’ve been saying, all human management (government) to be local. Politics only works at the local level and then not often. At the planetary level responsibility needs to be passed to big data for climate management, resource management, human migration and standardization of sentient rights.

But first the elimination of any single executive function over more than a million people would be the start.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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