I suppose it is important to get reads by being popular. No, dammit, it’s not. It’s self evident that Hilary is a powerful, competent political leader and totally committed to the status quo and Bernie is an aging socialist revolutionary who doesn’t want to do anything else. And Barack was Clinton status quo but played us more than we expected. Of course we are a personality cult country and ask for the screwing we get. We’re still in the cult days of the most insane election in modern history so you have to expect true believers and screamers at the slightest touch of reality. But there is hope because of that. We have an honest contest between conservative and progressive. It just doesn’t include the Republican party that is self destructing with a massive display of insanity. And that’s OK. Either we will purge the body politic or lose our way and die in the shit storm. It’s dangerous but radical cures usually are. If we survive the new, national political structure is emerging before our eyes. Centrist based on capitalist status quo versus democratic socialist balancing the tendency to oligarchy of any capitalist economy. And both sides clearly based on our productivity and wealth. I think the truth is the most exciting political potential in sixty years. . . so go ahead and be unpopular. I like it fine

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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