I second that emotion. Might as well use references to songs from the distant past that don’t seem so distant to me. Yet, in another way those songs are distant and that’s ok. We have the freedom to indulge or not. There is the right to do that after 65 and definitely after 70.

I have a very exciting side hustle writing for Medium. I didn’t need it but there it was and it’s nice to get paid for people reading what I write. Should have done it thirty years ago.

Actually I did but that was product plans, memos, and analysis of new technology. There’s that whole middle part of your life that is an awful lot of shoveling stuff from one place to another. For me there was enough, finally, of actually figuring out how to build new stuff but it’s not the same as writing if writing is what you were really all about. It’s just writing is a terrible way to make a living in this world because the greed merchants have ruined it almost to death.

For all the Gen X, Millennials, and Connected Gen folks writing here, you have the chance and this is going to get better. Universal Basic Income will be like retirement for those of us who are now at that point where we get some back in this screwed up, greedy culture. It’s how we should have done this years ago instead of killing rats for the sick shits who have rigged this political system for themselves. And they are my generation.

It’s amazing how nice life can be when you finally have national health care and a guaranteed income that can take care of you if needed. Yes, suddenly you can do those things you couldn’t do before. I also started a new career at 65 and I didn’t need to worry about the benefits, only the retirement that is an extra one at that. And I could work for less where that was something I wanted to do without loss. Everyone needs that freedom and that can be available for everyone.

Retire? Why would I do that. I’m just really getting to understand the process of figuring out a new organization and don’t need to be in front of everything and other people. My role is to make them look good. If I can help make things work than I’m happy.

And here’s a little hint, if you’re not killing it for your own benefit but doing it for everyone else things begin to change. They don’t become perfect but they become noticeably better and other people, definitely the younger ones now, get it.

The things we weren’t supposed to do are actually the things we were supposed to do but the people who had control wanted it all for themselves. They will be gone soon. I hope to see it but if not, that’s ok. I know it will happen.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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