I read a lot and follow politics, economics, data analysis in all its forms, social sciences, and history. My views are obvious in my writings but I struggle to work from reality in an increasingly chaotic world. So I read things like this looking for possible value in a contrarian opinion.

The title of this made it worth a look, I don’t pay attention to names at that stage of browsing. As soon as I arrived at the article I realized who wrote it and that it was not worth the time. The same fantasy world I’ve responded to before. As other people note, this is articulate enough to start at the beginning and move to a conclusion but is based in an imaginary world that is now so far in the past as to be unreachable except in low-grade fantasies.

But the same thing shows up periodically with no response to unanimous critical amazement. That raises questions concerning the point of these expositions.

As one responder noted, at first it looks to be satire but quickly becomes clear that it isn’t a send-up of Trumpist and retread fascist absurdity. So what is this? Another victim of Trump’s social psychosis waiting in line to drink the poison Kool-Aid? A pseudo-academic troll embittered by academic infighting dedicated to self-destruction?

Given the questions, I thought a some research was in order. Busler appears to actually be on the faculty of Stockton University, an average quality school part of the New Jersey state system. The only other listing is as a contributor to Newsmax that is a rightwing publication rated as ‘biased and not reliable’. That certainly seems consistent. As is often the case now Newsmax seems to be an admirer of if not linked to RT, Putin’s international propaganda voice. Funny, bit anything tied to Trump almost always has a Russian connection.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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