I normally wouldn’t respond but I sense hesitancy in the repetition of the standard message. It must be difficult to keep repeating the same articles of faith with no support. The normal response in this case is a sentence or two with name calling and veiled threats or accusations. These are the people who are best ignored. Anyone who can produce a paragraph or two, I’ve found, is open potentially open to discussion. I think that opportunity is worth a little effort.

I won’t attempt to deal with facts as the problem is deeper than that. There is an element of truth in what you say. So let me work from that. The growing chasm between the positions, particularly in the US, is very much defined by feelings. There are facets of the old right versus left political struggles but those were originally based on control of economics and are pretty much irrelevant now. Those issues are settled with only the issue of scale for effective management in debate now and that is not the same thing at all.

The feelings are a growing realization that a very important part of human society has been ignored and devalued. That is shared ethics and morality. Not the old, small town “morality” but a shared respect for people and their right to respect, opportunity, and happiness. Technology is transforming every aspect of our lives. We have very little privacy, almost no authority, and almost choice in how we live our lives. What few options we have are under constant attack. To put this plainly we, all of us, are now considered to have little or no value except as data points in massive aggregated data sets. No one in a position of power cares to ask for the opinion of a data point. We are information and that information belongs to the corporations who gather, aggregate and sell that information to other corporations or government agencies who wish to manipulate us. And that is now done in groups of thousands or even hundreds. The data and control systems are that good.

What do we get? A continuous list of choices from which we can purchase within the limits of our credit rating with all the money we can borrow. That is also controlled by the lists that we see carefully designed to appeal to our emotions, desires, and fears. And to make us want to borrow. We now don’t even see other people’s lists. So where are our rights?

We need to regain control of our information. That is the only value now. The majority of people, surprisingly, have begun to figure this out and that our diversity, choice, and respect are the only things we must use to regain value. All of the other stuff is simply distraction to keep us confused while the rules of value change.

So, yes, we are concerned with intangibles because that’s all we have.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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