I keep returning to the troubling realization that we made a fatefully complex decision when we gave up hunting and assumed management of our environment. That decision worked really well but required us to continuously evolve in response to complexity that we might, one day, completely fail to understand.

The challenge is a spiritual value that defines us but threatens to destroy us. Throughout our history only a few at any time were seriously challenged but only a somewhat larger portion of our population was threatened with disaster if they failed.

That seems to have seriously changed in the last hundred years as the challenge and the need to evolve to remain in some type of control has seriously split our societies. The evolutionary demands appear to be geometric.

For centuries the majority were left alone to pursue life and indulge in the wonder of their deities and curse those who caused change and trouble when the consequences of failure came home to roost. But now we no longer have the option of leaving any behind. They must change at a crippling rate and handle complexity far beyond their ability or we all die.

Our languages are changing so quickly that understanding has failed for many and they are left with mythologies that are peddled as knowledge in the age old con. But we have no time to explain even if we could manage to to do that so we are left speechless. And the many struggling are left angry and afraid. But there is no stopping or way to escape but they don’t understand that.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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