I hope that we can stay with the USSR version, at least on its demise. The older violent tradition goes back to the era of the ‘bad emperors’ in the Western Roman Empire. The Praetorian Guard assisted several emperors, who had become tiresome, in accidentally falling off the roof of the imperial palace.

While I don’t think this is going to be a traditional US voted termination to the Union, I think it will, most likely, be a bloodless succession into states and regions. The exhaustion component will be the trigger.

I think we are starting to see this now. As Trump becomes increasingly erratic and delusional and his supporters more mindless and criminal, people just walk away and then resign. We get only hints of this now in the impeachment depositions but it makes more and more sense to just ignore Trump and, for that matter, the criminal element in Congress who are supporting this.

After that the whole thing will just cease to work and states and/or municipalities will take up the slack. Major metropolitan governments are already the most effective governments in the nation and have high favorability ratings by residents. They also have their own foreign ministries and direct international organization membership, e.g. Paris Accord.

I think we are very close also to the US military refusing to respond to Trump selectively at first and then fully. The Syrian disaster with northern Syria given to Russia and the Kurds stabbed in the back will not be allowe3d to happen again. He is a threat and danger to planetary safety.

This would be most natural way to let this fall. But Trump is working up to demanding violence and some of his mindless followers will probably end up paying the price for that but as long as the federal system refuses to act, we can get through this.

This is very, very dangerous and the wrong action by almost anyone could cause this to go very bad. Dealing with growing insanity is a bad as it can get.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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