I have been impressed with this series as it brings hope, perhaps. The basic assumption here is correct. There is no compromise with the forces of the past that demand a return to the past without question. Even if that had some slight legitimacy the level of lies and ignorance are terminal and the reality of technological and climate change have completely changed the rules for planetary survival.

Unfortunately the self destruction inherent in what became of 20th century, authoritarian conservatism by the 21st century, while reflective of inherent reaction in western cultures, has poisoned a large enough segment of the US population that we cannot consider this a polarized nation but literally two alternative realities. Sadly that is a known historical pattern for what has been identified as a major paradigm or phase shift. Language and world views break apart and the people most heavily invested in the old world view become increasingly irrational as they cannot deal withe the meta change that has eliminated critical components of their unquestioned world assumptions.

My concern is that there may be no way to recover a working nation state. I’m also increasingly of the opinion that, while this is very troubling to many people, it may be inevitable that the old, large nations break up into metropolitan based regions to protect diversity. It is also obvious that we are moving a great deal of leveling and reformation into virtualized communities only one level of which may be the old geography.

In any case thanks for the excellent series on how California is leading the way to future.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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