I had to think about this out of respect for your opinion. My great worry is how fast this is changing and how slow we are to recognize a real threat. The pattern of stable cultures is to assume that everyone playing at the top of the political pile will, in the end, follow the rules. This has always been the case. Well for 150 years or so and even before that to an extent.

We think the next election will show a change. Abuses and corruption may be gotten away with but finally a majority of our congressional people will have had enough. In the end people from both sides will tell him to resign and get on the helicopter as Nixon did. The exceptions that cause the problems and get out of hand are, just that, exceptions.

My feeling is that does not look like the case now. To begin with we are facing the steady decline into racism and authoritarianism of one of the parties with the complete abandonment of any policy structure. Destroy anything that prevents all money flowing to the billionaires is not a functioning policy. It’s a strategy that needs an exit.

I think we’re stuck with waiting for November but dependent on the reaction to Mueller’s case presentation the election may be nullified in confusion. The Russians are helping the Democrats. Yes, but only as a ploy to support Trump. ‘He said, she said’ and confusion rules. Suddenly evidence will be presented that the Democratic landslide in Congress was fake. The Supreme Court would support that with three dissenting.

I’m close to certain that the essence of this will be attempted. The preparations are blatant and Putin is smiling in the background. And if this happens what will we do? Ask Putin what he did? Hold a march? Sign petitions? Wait for 2020?

And apparently we didn’t get all the circumstantial evidence showing GRU hacking into the voting systems in several states in 2016. They gained access into the vote tallying system in one case that is now coming out. The voting systems were so poorly managed in others that there was no audit. In Georgia the access was discovered but tally servers were then wiped with all data destroyed. Officially the story is now that the Russians had access but they didn’t do anything. There was no way to tell if votes were changed. Trump has zeroed out all funds for voting system security. Definitely a counter intuitive move if your concerned with foreign hacking. It’s up to the states. See above.

I think the critical result would be destruction of any validity in our structurally crippled electoral system. Then what do we do? A majority of Republicans surveyed have said they would support ‘postponement’ of the 2020 election if Trump asked.

Damn it, I’m too old for this. We’re being dealt a really bad hand and we’re just hoping that Trump and his goons will say “aw shucks” and go home instead of destroying the system to take what they want. Sorry but I don’t think so and next year will be way too late.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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