I feel for you, politically. And I appreciate your efforts to triangulate your position in an incredibly confused and collapsing political system. Your position is not commonly articulated now but is should be.

In the focus on the bizarre danger of one of the two allowed political parties having gone criminally fascist and the other crippled by corporate corruption and a nearly complete lack of vision, we all tend to talk about the extremes. This has put tremendous and premature weight on a few young people attempting to recreate the Democratic Party as true democratic socialist one in the vacuum.

And for most people who once were, in the old vernacular, center left the suddenness of the collapse removed all recognizable landmarks. One of the tragic ironies of this is that you represent the majority of the country.

The steady decline of the Republican Party can be seen clearly in retrospect but it was always more known for corporatists, militarists, with racists and authoritarians on the fringes with a tendency for incompetents and nut jobs to find a home. It was not actively criminal and vicious. As a result it was available as a no-confidence vote when needed without too much harm. That is now completely gone.

Paradigmatic change is like this. I can’t say much here to help except that you’re attempting to use the labels and markers of a previous era so it is making things worse. Of course that is exactly what many if not most people are doing. The Democratic Party, because of this, cannot find a place to stand making people in your position even more insecure.

Here are some suggested markers that may assist you in locating things. The most basic change to note is that things are in radical transition planet wide. We have an extreme case of this in America but it is at different stages everywhere.

What were conservative parties in the western model have lost the intellectual foundation for any policy. This is complex but has resulted from the accelerating decline of capitalism. It did its job but, in its final stage, results in worsening asset distribution and cannot deal with planetary level disasters such as human created climate change and the critical conversion to sustainable systems. That is diametrically counter to its base goal of eternal growth of goods.

Hence in order to hold power the conservative parties have lurched into full authoritarianism with fear and hatred as the only remaining policy. They have abandoned liberalism that has held for the last two hundred plus years. So much for that. This happens historically although it is sometimes difficult to compare across a limited range of representative political systems.

The Democratic Party with its movement steadily to the old corporatist right under Clinton and Obama, has become the new liberalist Conservative party. Capitalism’s failure has left them more lost than the new fascists who have reverted to warlordism, feudalism, tribalism with racism and ethnocentrism that have a long history.

So the Democrats are looking the wrong way as they need to figure out how to save liberalism, free trade, with the emphasis on market economics within a general socialist framework. That will be the new conservatism for now.

In this socialism is not a political system as much as a human centered administrative structure to give rights and authority to the public to replace the late stage extremes of predatory capitalism.

The democratic socialists should become the new progressive party. That needs to focus on the transition to Universal Basic Income, full automation, and human well being as part of a greatly expanded rights package. This needs to be aimed at planetary alliance.

This is actually just a way of relabeling what is happening to eliminate confusion. These things are happening and evolving around us. Without redefining what we are seeing makes it very difficult to make sense of things and then identify where you want to be politically as an individual.

For America the full adoption by Republicans of the authoritarian methodologies of the Soviet KGB is a disaster for this country. Those techniques are constant confusion and denial of truth to foment and maintain chaos. This was an old game modernized by German Nazis, Stalin and later USSR leaders. Only the leader can see because everyone else is caught in permanent and emotional confusion. It fails terribly because the goals are all personal but there are always followers who want their share of the loot.

As I said, this is complex, but I’ve tried to identify what is really happening to, perhaps, make things a little clearer in the larger picture. There are many other aspects to this and too many variables to have anything more than a limited understanding. But we will see how it goes.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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