I don’t usually even read this as it almost completely regime proganda but we are now moving beyond that. It is now critical in the last days of this nation state to call out all lies and illusions that have destroyed this political system.

It was a good example of the incompetence of the individuals on the committee desperate to control the conversation in order to support their criminal regime. Stupidity and incompetence are obvious. It was a political clown show and that is all that is possible with the people inhabiting Congress now.

The entire system has been corrupted to the point that it is impossible to have more than a vague hope that something will happen to salvage America. The chances of that are small. It is time to recognize that the system has failed and needs to be replaced.

Over the last forty years the economy has been destroyed and all functioning components of the system have been emasculated. There is nothing else left to block idiots such as Trump from looting the public treasury and making a fool out of himself on a daily basis while his stooges grovel at his feet in Congress.

Pandering to a criminal dedicated to racist corruption and white supremacy is, itself, criminal and must be punished. Attempting to stage a low grade show trial is simply pathetic. The fools, not surprisingly, looked like fools.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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