I don’t think there is any doubt left that Kavanaugh is lying. I totally agree. But it would be difficult to prove. The larger relevant issue is that he is a political pawn with no interest in the traditions of objectivity in the Court.

The fact that he appears to be a lying sack of shit from an elitist family means people are not going to accept this. If he is elevated I expect the impeachment process to start in January.

That will be fun to watch. Sadly, there won’t be much of anything left when it’s over. The goal has been the destruction of the federal government that, incidentally, coincided with Putin’s goal hence trump’s election.

I’m betting that we can build a much better system without the authoritarian, and ignorant, parts.

Yes, I’m not being nice but display of corruption and greed combined with desperate efforts to destroy a brave woman’s commitment to stop a travesty is the last straw. Why didn’t she bring this up at his first judgeship? Why would a professional woman risk her life and sanity for one small time judge?

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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