I don’t think the Watergate model is likely to play. Many people may think this but not if they look carefully at the differences between then and now. If it does happen that Mueller’s investigation suggests impeachment, or presents that as the only logical result, effectively an indictment, I don’t think we will see the Republican Congress pass articles of impeachment. They would simply continue to deny everything while Trump fires Mueller and also denies everything while simultaneously admitting to everything. Trump cannot pass up a chance to make it worse to prove how awesome he is in his own eyes. This simply confuses everyone who is not a pathological narcissist.

The Democratic party is powerless effectively ruled by the same oligarchy. The only difference is that the Democratic Party presents itself as representative of POC but does nothing for them. There would be much hand wringing and crying about how they can do nothing until after the election., maybe. . .

And gridlock is not an option. That is just another word for collapse and that is the trigger for breakup that I was suggesting. You then have a fully illegitimate regime in power that will try to declare martial law and launch assaults on Trump’s “enemies” including the free press.

Once we are at that stage there is basically nothing left. California and other states will simply refuse to play. I suspect we would then see military bases going with state national guard units as they will have to choose sides.

There would then be nothing in the way of Trump and his goons bringing charges against everyone they don’t like. This is the ‘lock her up’ chant’s purpose to prepare for this. The November election would be a farce in Trumpestan and meaningless everywhere else. The longer you wait the more control that Trump’s manipulators have to lock things down.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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