I don’t think that there is any doubt that Trump is a Russian tool. And at least partially a conscious one. He may consider his actions as logical payment for years of funding also paid for by his real estate based money laundering. The fact that he is wildly irrational made him unable to do more than a perfunctory lying denial of his actions while intermittently bragging about his success in getting money and support.

This is what confuses people who want to see him as destructive of the existing system. He is but not at all for the reasons they were led to believe by the corrupt, shadow leaders behind the Republican facade. He is just doing business in his addled perception of the world in which he is a genius and no one else is relevant except as admirers or nameless pawns. He sees nothing else.

So his actions are consciously destructive of the United States because that is what he has been prepared to do. But he sees that only as his required response to any blockage of his impulsive actions that are, by definition, the correct thing to do. He knows, now, that he has failed to achieve the goals of destruction that he was given. That is the great emergency that he has invented to declare so he can claim success.

It is an amazing hair ball of delusion, deception, Russian manipulation, programming, and internal fear projected onto all things external to Trump. No wonder his followers are amazed as they tend to be people angered and frightened by change and diversity. It’s impossible to interpret these actions so they must be some type of genius plan as they have been told by Trump.

But somehow nothing much is happening to the black and brown people except a few and only two of their children have died. They thought that racist destruction and suffering was what they were promised. The supporter in Florida that shocked Trump was crudely articulating this disappointment. Why aren’t more suffering? Hurt them.

At this point I’m hoping he thinks that even a small piece of wall will destroy the part of America that he promised to destroy and will somehow kill enough non-white people to bring adulation again. But that is absurd. Who knows if he can even think these things?

This disaster will play out over the next few weeks because there is really no way forward or back for Trump or all of us. As a nation we are as trapped as he is. He cannot be allowed to play national emergency and if he is not stopped the nation will begin to disintegrate. The pretense of a president must end. This is now mass delusion at a breath taking scale.

So that is why I am talking of what happens after this is over. Very big decisions will result from this. They either will be made or not but decisions will never the less result. Not making decisions is another way of making them. The only difference will be the extent of collateral damage. But we have no control. That decision was made long ago.

The clean up will need to be done. My very real worry is the extent of Putin’s control of the powers behind the Republican Party facade. But we will know soon.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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