I don’t normally respond to these but this was an interesting attempt at history. My point on the nature of the weapons that were covered under the unfortunate 2nd amendment was partially for normal use in farm communities with existing weapons of the day. There was an even more reprehensible purpose and that was to encourage the murder of the native peoples who’s land was being taken. Included under that purpose was the hunting and killing of escaped or rebellious slaves. The areas of this country most strongly committed to uncontrolled ownership of weapons are those areas that were committed to slavery. This is a strong part of the problem with local sheriffs and police in those parts of the country as those were originally to put down slave rebellions. Racism is the foundation for all of this. It is time to bring that out and eliminate it from our culture.

There was a tradition of military weapons as part of the armory that was the primary purpose of the amendment as I indicated. That was entwined with racism described above but was part of the English feudal tradition that required local lords of the demesne to answer the king’s call to arms with equipped soldiers. There was also the privateer tradition to commission ships for attacks against both pirates and enemy ships in time of war. This was an important part of the civil war on both sides.

The only thing that remains of that is the national guard under the shared command of state governors. We no longer live in the 19th century.

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