I don’t look at writing in Medium as conservative or otherwise until I’ve read it. That is if I read it. As many other people, I’m looking beyond the bankrupt left -right paradigm. With some exceptions I don’t see Arc as conservative. I may not agree with elements of a story but that is good.

My point is that I see the problem. The collapsing political systems, particularly in the US, don’t recognize anything but mindless propaganda. If you are rational you won’t get read let alone paid.

I appreciate good reporting and good writing and it should represent ideas not dogma. It’s a mistake, I think, to try to create what passes for right-wing drivel to appear balanced. Where we are going is completely different. Out will be a completely different mix because everything is changing with full acceleration. People who read and write know that and are looking for new thinking to reflect that.

There are, and should be, few of the current form of conservatives in any in interesting new media. There is a desperate need for a new form of conservative who works to define maintenance of traditional standards and purely individual opportunities in the emerging post capitalist and post socialist world. I see a real opportunity for new thinking on high personal risk, small urban state governments. How would a sustainable city state work with the emphasis on maximum personal responsibility?

Don’t waste time on the dead and dying.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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