I certainly agree with your overall description of the neoliberal disaster that institutionalized and worsened late stage capitalism’s evolution to financial manipulation and asset consolidation in as few hands as possible. That has been well defined.

The Russian influence, although initially a shotgun approach, beame more effective at the end and a significant impact in the targeted swing states. Trump took the Electoral college with only some 40,000 votes. Thinking that the full Russian program did not influence 10,000 people to either vote Trump, vote against Clinton, or to not vote misses the reality of human manipulation.

There were extensive analysis by IT people in a number of place, primarily universities, alarmed in November 2016 at the ramp up of message traffic from identified servers in Eastern Europe and Russia. This was just as the role of Cambridge Analytica was being identified.

That bigger reason to be concerned is that worked as a pilot project and trial run for Russian intelligence. Putin realized that, while he can’t afford the old style massive military game, he can be very good and effective with social media disinformation. He has been ramping up ever since. The fact that hs ‘owns’ Trump as a useful fool means he can amplify his influence with no openly provocative action. His goal is destruction of others to enhance his nationalist goals while minimizing military action.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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