I can certainly identify with a tendency to the gray. Youth tends to passion and grey is not a passionate color. White, black, and red are more passionate and red is the most passionate of all. That’s why there is a lot of death in religion and particularly Judeo-Christian-Islamic religion. It’s the red of blood and the violence of death that is the nature of passion. Abrahamic religions can never escape their deadly passion and their fascination with justifying violence.

Yes, you can ignore this and pretend not to see it, with some work in the modern remnants of these religions. Islam is tough as it is a much simpler and improved version of Christianity so its core component of deadly passion is harder to hide.

But as you age and as our world becomes less and less violent religions based on violence and death are a hard sell. We see that around us. Grayness is more comfortable but not passionate. It’s possible to shake hands on grey deities of indeterminate form. But passion is either death or energetic sex.

So young atheists are more passionate for love and, usually I think, in our world, more stridently opposed to violent death. That does not lend itself to handshakes, either, for their side.

The reduction in violence over the last century or so is stunning but that means the end of the old religions except for the parts that are not passionate at all. Spirituality is not passion. Mindfulness and compassion are soft and very thoughtful. And that is the break from religion. Spirituality leaves the passions of religion and the hard reaction of atheism behind. As religions die, rediscovered spirituality brings awareness to universal unity as passionless knowledge.

Sensitivity replaces passion and the deities fade to cool gray and disappear.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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