I can actually understand your problem

Your response falls clearly in the category of lost, bewildered, and looking for someone to blame. We’ve all, I think, become much more sensitive to people in your situation as I suspect you are part of the citizenry that gave us an incompetent con artist with close ties to white nationalists and a variety of Russian organizations as president. If you aren’t I apologize for suggesting it but your response is very much indicative of such people hence my assumption.

You might take a look at your assumptions as I suspect that those are not going to serve you will in the next few years. The world is going to become much stranger than you realized and the reasons are going to be increasingly inexplicable if you take what you wrote as somehow factual.

Barack Obama is very much a neoliberal and his administration was carefully structured on the principles of extreme capitalism and trade alliances. Both political parties in the US have been neoliberal since the 1970s. There has been almost no distinction in economic policy for close to forty years. In fact I, and many others, would place Obama to the right of Dwight Eisenhower. The focus on free trade and trade alliances has produced the great expansion of wealth and availability of goods that has kept capitalism alive for the last thirty years. Unfortunately neoliberalism focuses completely on capitalism without regard to distribution of wealth and this, tied to accelerating automation in the last thirty years, has crippled all but the extreme upper class in all post industrial countries. It has raised living standards at incredible rates for newer industrializing countries, e.g. China, India, Mexico, etc. by allowing jobs to move to where they are cheaper. This kept a steady expansion of new goods cheaper in all countries but the failure to correct the basic failure of capitalist systems to adapt to planetary changes and to control financial monopolies based on unsustainable growth exacerbated the already grossly distorted distribution of wealth. That is the economic downfall that has you upset. Obama and the neoliberals are correct that free and open trade is critical to growth but the foundation assumption of eternal, unlimited growth was not. This is a large and very complex planetary problem so it is very difficult to understand. And almost nothing is what it appears. And the quick automation of a large percentage of jobs will require a completely different system. That’s what I am talking about . . .

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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