I am very glad to see someone refuse to watch Roseanne. It made me nauseous to read people saying, oh my god it is a good show because there aren’t any so just ignore the idiocy over Trump. No. Anyone stupid enough to support Trump is not someone I want to see. I probably should say that I haven’t watched anything on TV, except an occasional Japanese program, for at least ten years. Maybe longer. I did once see about five minutes of Roseanne back when it first started and it did not hold my attention then. Now that I know she has made a play for Trump I’m more than happy to leave her to those people.

And I agree that I see no reason to assume the this country is going to change or even survive. There is no reason to pretend although that is the official line. I only hope the pompous idiot who has surrounded himself with similar criminals and incompetents can be contained. That is the only thing left. Anything that makes me realize that after spending a whole day hearing the situation grow progressively worse is not entertainment.

I don’t need those people and, yes, I’m “othering” the hell out of them. If I have to travel somewhere and tolerate them I will because there are many good people everywhere, but tolerance is only civilized, a concept totally alien to Trump and his minions.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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