I am hoping to be surprised by a positive election but I just don’t see any encouraging signs. And, no, I don’t think we will see a violent uprising. That won’t happen, I think, because no one is that invested in a failing national government nor even in where they live geographically.

We are increasingly a migratory population and our ideals are always somewhere else. Most people don’t have that much in assets now as home ownership with equity has already been seriously destroyed and our younger generations don’t even consider those things as possible or desirable. It’s a different view of giving “hostages to fortune”.

So, either we’re screwed and that is very likely or we will see America broken up. California has been building ideas on this for years. The Pacific states are a natural as, together, they are already at planet level. This is also true for the Northeast. Much of the problem now is due to not letting the Confederacy go. That is now Trumpestan and completely unrelated to the above two regions.

I’ve written about this several times. In the best case it would a final act of Congress, perhaps only the House, that would loosen the bonds on states. Major metropolitan regions will become ultimately independent anyway. This would be a steady devolution with less and less involvement to an incompetent and corrupt federal government.

The biggest losers would be the Trumpestan states as they are almost all welfare recipients. That is the danger when people there finally figure out that they are living on money from the coastal metropoles and major cities who are everything they’ve been told is worthless. That would be major irony: The old confederacy wages war to keep the union so they can continue to receive their welfare checks.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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