I agree that reconciliation is essential if the goal is to salvage the US as a nation. While I think that the bigger picture indicates a need to end the nation-state as a layer of administration, it will need to be the basis for transition to local and planetary democratic management.

But I also agree, generally, with Chris Crawford that all of the elements of Germany’s denazification must considered and carefully applied. This will require unique changes in our tradition. The national Republican Party must be made illegal and its assets confiscated. This should also happen at the state level but that is much more difficult.

Trump and all officials of the regime should be indicted for relevant national crimes, tried, and punished. Except for Trump, Barr, Pence, and others who have clearly acted in defiance of law up to an including treason, should spend time in prison, others should be fined to remove their ill gotten gains and barred from any public role.

Racism, misogyny, and xenophobia should be illegal and any advocacy criminalized. These cannot be a ‘policy’ for a political organization. German law is fairly good on this.

To accomplish this requires major changes to the national party system with proportional voting to prevent radical fringe groups taking over a vaguely ‘national’ party. I would suggest that elections at all levels come under a Federal Election Bureau under the office of the Census. It makes no sense to have political parties controlling elections based on control of a constituency. That is putting the foxes in the hen house.

Roughly thirty percent of the population exhibits genetic charachteristics that we describe as ‘conservative’. I prefer to use the term traditionalist who a prone to authoritarianism and frightened of change. They are valuable as a balance to the most progressive thirty percent. In a balanced system the middle thirty percent will evaluate policies and conditions edge in either direction as they determine.

At practical level I’ve suggested a number of times that the existing Democratic Party is closer to the planetary, at least European, standard of a conservative party. It supports existing institutions, leans toward a police state, and is economically oriented to the rich and oligarchic elite. That it makes some attempt to maintain wellbeing for the total population is just good sense. This is not a zero sum game.

We already have DSA that is well on its way to becoming the majority party as the climate disaster accelerates. Sharing is what is needed and not predatory, destructive economics. That will place more of the planet’s assets directly in the hands of the population.

It would be really good if we could avoid a pendulum swing the other way by allowing government to operate at the local region/metropole level giving people direct control of whether assets are predominantly publicly owned or allowed to private ownership in the interest of innovation in their constituency. And that would be big enough to be meaningful (Los Angeles region, Chicago region, Atlanta region, etc.) but small enough to be ‘local’.

But I would suggest that the statements on what was done for Japan and Germany that made them successful is a remnant of national hubris. Yes the Marshall Plan restoration at the end of WWII is one of the most successful human recoveries in history. But Germany was the lead science, technology, and industrial center that enabled the US to become such. Not the other way around. Almost all early industrial technology, steel production, automobile invention, electricity, and electronics, e.g. television, came from Germany.

I could go into the innovation and development of Japan that defeated Russia, a major western power in 1905, and to the racist imperialism that was a major contributing factor to WWII.

This is relevant here because the use of racism, lies, and misinformation internally is a major component of all US institutions. That is the foundation on which Trump, and many others have been able to build. Ignorance masquerading as knowledge in a closed and parochial society works that way.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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